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Moomin world - a mashup of Tove Janssons illustrations, made into a birthday gift!

The text “played” by the flute, is Gratulerer med dagen, Oscar. And in the right corner it is written Klem fra Jenny, translated to "Happy Birthday, Oscar" and "hugs from Jenny" 

~drawn with black pens on paper 14/09/14 ♡ p.s glad i deg Oscar

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Compton Edward Harrison

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Abandoned 80′s style Burger King restaurant. Governors Island, New York

I haven’t been on in a few days but I come bearing GOOD NEWS! This time tomorrow, I’ll have welcomed two beautiful boyrats into my ratty family. The roan is Archimedes, a sweet lad with hormonal tendencies; he’s been a lone male all his life and will need some socialization. The hooded is Doppler. While he has lived with other rats, his current owner rescued him from a pretty horrific life where he and his three cagemates (now rehomed) were grabbed by the tails, swung around, shoved about, etc. He’ll need some TLC to overcome his fears of being handled.
I’m so excited! I’ve never had boyrats before so this will be an experience. I’m planning on neutering them (Archimedes first while he’s the hormonal one) so I don’t have to worry about oopsie litters. They’ll live separately for a while until they’re recovered from their respective operations, and then I’ll start work on introducing them to each other and my lovely lady rats.

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i decided to channel my frustrations out in a healthy way

Missing Beej really badly right now. I keep thinking about how I’ll be picking her ashes up on Thursday. I just feel really upset :(

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That’s ok I don’t need my bed even though it’s 11:30pm and I have work in the morning

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